Akshay Kumar to go on a rescue mission once again!

Akshay Kumar delivered an applause-worthy performance in the 2016’s rescue drama Airlift. He played the part of a Kuwait-based businessman who turned saviour when the lives of his countrymen turned to be at risk during the infamous Gulf War. Prior to that, he has played the part of a rescuer in one form or the other and has never failed to impress the audience in doing so!

Given that we had begun to notice a pattern in the kind of roles Akki was choosing for himself, what our Khabri Keeda told us about Akshay’s future plans did not surprise us one bit, but it is definitely something that we are looking forward to seeing him pull off.

As per KK, Akshay Kumar has acquired the rights to make a film based on the dreadful 1989 Raniganj Coalfield rescue mission. The aim of the mission was to rescue 64 miners who were trapped hundreds of feet below the earth’s surface in a coal mine, which they accomplished by drilling an enormous borehole in the surface. A borehole is ideally drilled to locate underground water or crude oil.

The miners were hauled to safety one at a time via a rescue capsule which was forged out of iron, which was operated with the help of a makeshift pulley. The man responsible for this success of this mission was the Additional Chief Mining Engineer, J.S Gill, who organised the evacuation of the miners by putting his own life at risk as he chose to go down the borehole in the capsule himself.

Given that J.S Gill played a pivotal role this mission, there are NO points for guessing Akshay’s role in the film!

We are looking forward to an official announcement from Akshay!

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