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This video of SRK will leave you teary-eyed

Shah Rukh Khan


This video of SRK will leave you teary-eyed

An emotional SRK reveals how he felt about becoming a father

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SRK is now a proud parent of three beautiful kids, the 19-year-old Aryan Khan, daughter Suhana and the adorably naughty 4-year-old AbRam. In a public service ad, he reminisces the day when Aryan was born. Watching the video below will surely make you cry. Who could have thought that you’d see King Khan in such a vulnerable state?

“One of the most important things that I have learnt about being a parent is a line which said, ‘The decision to have a child is a decision to allow a piece of your heart to walk outside your body’. Then when my son was born, I was sitting outside in the corridor of the hospital. It was raining and I found myself crying because somewhere in my heart I had a doubt. Will I be able to fend for this beautiful vacant eyes, this lovely soft skin, the little tuft of hair? I convinced myself sitting there that I will be able to do it. But there is a larger picture.”

Shah Rukh Khan was, is and will always remain protective about his children. Don’t you feel the same emotions by being weaved into his words?

Drop your thoughts below as we go and grab a box of tissues!

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