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SRK gets candid on his personal life, sleeping with other women, and more!


SRK gets candid on his personal life, sleeping with other women, and more!

While the entire country is waiting for Shah Rukh Khan’s upcoming release ‘Dear Zindagi’, the actor got candid in an interview to a leading magazine, where he has opened up on being a star, his biggest fears, marriage and more…

What makes him the Badshah of Bollywood? SRK says, “There are two ways you can be a star. Either be someone people want to be like Mr Bachchan or some great sport star. Or be someone people can relate to. I think I belong to the latter category.” However, stardom doesn’t affect him as he continues to put his best efforts in his films. Said the actor, “When I act, I have to work hard. I am a theatre person. I can overdo stuff and I can also underplay it.” SRK also revealed his biggest fear, saying, “Every time I do a film, whether it’s a hit or a flop, I feel that I leave behind a certain part of me in it. So, my biggest fear is that I will wake up one morning and will not have any more parts left to leave in a film.”

When quizzed on his marriage and personal life, the actor had the sweetest things to say about his wife Gauri Khan! SRK said, “I haven’t had much time to spend with her over the years, because of my schedule, so the freshness of our marriage is still quite intact! We’ve never thought the same about films, about life and we’ve never tried to change that about each other. The only thing we are completely aligned in thought about are our kids. Both of us have become very focused about them and that has become the centre of our lives. We are both really easy, and we’ve never encroached upon each other’s space.”

Rumours never leave you especially if you are a star as big as Shah Rukh Khan. When asked about the same, he sounded unperturbed. Said SRK, “I’m a movie star, I’ve been working for 20 years. I work with the most beautiful women in the world. Whether I think of it like that or not, there are enough stories to go around…that I sleep around with foreigners, with men, with my coatdresses. But it has never affected us because I guess she (Gauri) knows I don’t have the time to do anything but work!”

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