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THIS is what Shahid Kapoor doesn’t want his daughter to do!


THIS is what Shahid Kapoor doesn’t want his daughter to do!

When it comes to relationships and showering love, Shahid Kapoor has never been a miser. Even when his daughter, Misha was born, an excited Shahid had made the announcement with a tweet, which read, “She’s here!” However, we think the actor has already started thinking about his daughter’s career options and he is very serious about it!

Shahid was on the sets of the chat show, ‘Vogue Bff’s’ where he revealed that he would never want Misha to become an actress! The actor explained, “It’s a tough job. I’ll be scared if she comes and tells me that.” He also expressed that his father, “Is an extremely nice person”. Shahid said, “He has always been a friend to me, those are the things that I would want. But he’s a bit hyper and over-protective. So, these are the two things I hope I don’t do to my child.”

Sasha seems like he is going to be an overprotective father, guess genetics!

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