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Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan SLAM all cold war rumors!

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Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan SLAM all cold war rumors!

To give you all a little bit of context, there has been news for the longest time that something is not right between Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt since the time that Salman never showed up in public to greet Dutt after his release. But then, the rumors died down since the two were seen hugging it out at an event held at Mukesh Ambani’s home. But then, fast forward to the night of the premiere of Sanju baba’s comeback film Bhoomi, were all the A-List celebrities (except Salman) were on the list of guests. This, quite naturally, let to the old rumors of the cold war doing rounds all over again.

But now, a source close to the two shared a certain event that will kill every rumor for good.

The source said, “The rift between the two actors is just a rumor. The day after the release of his film, Dutt was at Salman’s house. He was there till 4 am with a few other very close friends. They joked, laughed and bantered as they always have. There was no awkwardness. Just because they are not seen in public together doesn’t mean they are not buddies.”

 Adding to this, the source said, “Salman has never been one for appearances. He knew that the media was parked outside Dutt’s house and he wasn’t comfortable making a show of his friendship. He and Sanju know what they share. They don’t have to show it to the world.”

Well, we guess that’s a pretty fair thing to believe in.

We are now jumping with joy to know that all of it was just speculation. What about you?

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