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Rakesh Roshan on clashing with SRK’s Raees!


Rakesh Roshan on clashing with SRK’s Raees!

After the release of Raees’ trailer, everyone including us is going gaga over it! The movie seems to pack a perfect punch of action, drama and romance. And with Shah Rukh Khan playing the lead? This only gets more exciting!

While Raees was initially slated to release on Eid 2016 with Salman’s ‘Sultan’ but the makers have now pushed it to release in January, 2017! Very close to the date of Hrithik Roshan’s ‘Kaabil‘. Recently Rakesh Roshan opened up to a website that their film, Kaabil will come a day earlier to avoid the direct clash with SRK’s Raees. The makers of Raees also went along with the same and have pulled their release date back to 25th January now.

To which, Rakesh Roshan said, “I knew that they will shift the date. But some people told me that nothing of that sort will happen. My instinct said that they will shift the date. But, it is ok. 4-5 shows will not make a difference.”

“I cannot comment on others. But, I wouldn’t have done such a thing. When I plan my release, I check all of it. My film was ready and I could have released it in November and December too. But, I checked the slate and saw that there were films in those months and January didn’t have any dates and hence, I decided to release it in Jan 2017. We are an industry and there is a business here where not just producers, but also other workers are attached. Exhibitors, distributors and others cannot be deprived of their livelihood.”

When talking about films being bound to clash with only 52 weekends available in a year, Rakesh Roshan had this to say:

“I disagree to your point. A big film and a small film can come together. But, two credible actors coming on the same day is not healthy. You can see the well which is not of water where you can swim. It is the well of fire. And we both are jumping into it. Both will get burnt but to what extent, that we will have to see,”

He further adds, “I had tried my best (to talk to SRK and Raees makers) but then they thought that it is my weakness. But that is not my weakness. They took it the other way. They thought I am scared and all. But it is not like that. It is just my knowledge of films because I am in this business for 30-40 years and I know what happens when two big films come. For Hrithik, I am not worried at all. Hrithik is not that weak. His contemporaries are Aamir Khan and Salman Khan and they have crossed 300 crores. Sultan has crossed and Dangal will cross, because Aamir has made a good film. But since we are coming with Raees, both the films cannot cross 200 crores. It will affect both the films. Since I have made the film at a very tight budget, so even if my film does 100 crores, then also we will be in profit.”

Rakesh Roshan sounds a little bit nervous, yet expectant with this date clash situation. Only time and BO collections will tell the real tale – we wish both the films all the very best!

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