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Is Karan Johar over possessive about his name?


Is Karan Johar over possessive about his name?

Karan Johar is one of the most outspoken people we have in the industry today. From talking about movies and personal relationships to his sexual orientation, KJo loves to express himself. During a recent interview the director admitted that he hates being called KJo, sir or uncle.

He was asked what his mother calls him to which he quickly replied, “Karan.” He said, “My college friends call me Karu, which is the worst. Only in our country can we make a short form for a short name. But otherwise, I’ve never had a pet name all my life. But now, in official meetings, someone will call me KJo. And I’ll judge that person in my head. Just call me Karan. You have some kids who will come through family friends and work in the company [Dharma Productions]. You cross a certain age and you are Uncle. And — pardon my French — but I’ll f*** you if you’re going to call me Uncle.”

He further added, “It’s not like I think I’m a beauty queen. But I feel that if I am called Uncle, my thoughts have to constantly be relevant. It’s not the reminder about my age. It’s the formality. I can’t function with it.”

We hope everyone now knows how serious Karan is about his name!

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