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Father Udit Narayan speaks up on Aditya Narayan’s behavior!


Father Udit Narayan speaks up on Aditya Narayan’s behavior!

Quite recently, we got to see Udit Narayan’s son, Aditya Narayan lashing out at an airport staff member over paying the extra amount for excess baggage through a viral video. And, that’s clearly not all, as he also went on to abuse and even threaten the staff member.

In response to this, Indigo Airlines issued a brief on the same by saying, “Today on 6E-258 (Raipur-Mumbai), Mr.Aditya Narayan, travelling with a group of 5 people, was carrying excess baggage of 40 kgs. The amount to be paid for the carriage of excess baggage came to 13000 INR. He refused to pay this amount to the female check-in staff member and said that he will not pay more than 10000 INR for the excess baggage and also used unparliamentary language with the female staff member.”

It goes without saying that Twitterati called out the behaviour and started saying that he was displaying his bratty side and making use of his privileged background over the common public by doing so.

In response, legendary singer Udit Narayan said that “Aditya is a well-behaved child, and he has never lost his patience like this before. I am sure this outburst was momentary.Having said that, I haven’t spoken to him about this issue, yet. I tried reaching out, but he didn’t answer my calls; neither did he call back later. This is the age of social media, where every act of a person is scrutinised. Even small mistakes are not spared. I am a simple man who leads a simple life. So, if people think that fame and lineage have gone to Aditya’s head, it is not true. Since I was not present there, what more can I say? I just hope people treat this as a one-off incident and forget it.”

Well, we still have to hear from the main man himself. Let’s see what he has to say now!

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