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Comedy on the cards for Salman!


Comedy on the cards for Salman!

Salman Khan is always in the news for one reason – Marriage but this not the case today! The ‘Dabangg’ actor is planning to do a comedy film next – YES! After all the period dramas and thrillers he’s working on, Salman is planning to come back to the genre of comedy. Currently, he is waiting for a script that will make him laugh just like the script of ‘Ready’.

In an interview, Salman said, “I want to do a comedy next. I love the genre and although it looks easy, it’s the most difficult genre of films. It’s not an easy task to make the audiences laugh. You know it’s very easy to love a heroine, do some romantic dances here and there or beat up 50 people and the crowd will cheer. But comedy is difficult.”

He further added, “Yes, I’m trying to find something, but I am not getting a film like that. Once I get a film, which makes me laugh when I’m hearing it, then I will do it for sure. Ready was a film that actually made me laugh during the narration. After that, I have not heard a script like that.”

Mr Salman Khan has quite the plan!

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