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Bigg Boss day 1: First day, first fight

Bigg Boss 11


Bigg Boss day 1: First day, first fight

The season 11 of Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss has already kicked off and, well, not really on a good note. One would at least expect the first day of the controversial show to be the one where no fights would happen whatsoever. But, it seems, things are already ready to go downhill from the first day itself.

On the first day itself, it was Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta who have already picked a bone with each other. Seems like they wanted to continue the on-stage tiff in the wee hours of the morning in the house, and they did just that. What’s more? While Shilpa was busy clarifying her side of the story, Vikas already termed her a “psycho” and a “mentally challenged person”. Although the contestants tried to bring in peace, it was too late already as Shilpa fled the scene crying.

On to the second heated moment in the house, where Zubair tried to break the ice with a non-veg joke, but Sapna was in no sporting mood to take it as a joke, and hence, asked Zubair to mind his language in the presence of other women in the house. Bigg Boss struck the iron when it was hot by calming the fight with a fitting welcome song- Mer Saamne Waali Khidki Mein.

After which, the contestants let go of the farce and sat down with each other so that they can learn more about the contestants. The third twist came along when the “padosi” Luv Tyagi chose to stir up the matter. When Luv and Vikas communicated over the in-house phone, things got really bad when Tyagi made high demands on the first day itself. Looks like Luv won’t get any love after all for now.

Bigg Boss once again attempted to cool things down with a successful attempt of surprising birthday girls Hina and Benafsha in the true Bigg Boss way. Cake cutting, dancing and a lot of surface-level mutual love is what we got to see.

With such an interesting start, expectations are really high. What do you think?

Stick to this space for all the hot scoop on Bigg Boss and Bollywood!

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