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Bigg Boss 11 update: When the house turned into a FARM!

Bigg Boss


Bigg Boss 11 update: When the house turned into a FARM!

Fights, arguments and cold-wars settling down in the Bigg Boss house is perhaps one of the things that’s never possible, and the recently aired episode is proof. The episode started off with Shilpa Shinde and Vikas once again at each other’s throats. Vikas asked Shinde to cut off the drama but, well, knowing Shilpa, that wasn’t really going to happen. Joining team Shilpa was Akash who ganged up against Vikas.

As a result of this, Shilpa was cornered for some time in the house and then cut to a conversation between Priyank and Vikas, where Vikas appreciated Priyank’s involvement in the matters, but advised him to stay away as he has a long way to go in the show.

On top of that, Bandgi Kalra and Zubair Khan found themselves in the middle of a heated argument, as Bandgi complained about the way Zubair talks to women. In the last stroke of anger, Zubair argued with Arshi Khan and called her ‘Gareebo ki Rakhi Sawant’. The matter carried on to the bathroom where Arshi said that Zubair has gone bananas after being nominated and hence is causing all the stir.

Cut to the most interesting part of the show, where the housemates get the first luxury budget task to do, for which the activity area had been turned into a farm-like area. The first ones to perform the task on the farm were Zubair and Shivani Durga, who were asked to transfer a handful of slippery and slippery catfish from one tank to another.

But here, Bigg Boss LIED about something. Bigg Boss said that the padosis have already performed the task and took 4 minutes and 30 seconds to do so, when in fact they hadn’t. All BB had done at the time was asked the padosis that if they were given the task in hand, how long they would take to complete it. The padosis collectively agreed upon 4 minutes and 30 seconds as the time they would take.

Zubair and Shivani, on the other hand, wrapped up the task in flat 2 minutes and won the task.

Second round was in fact much more interesting than the first. The task was to bathe and feed a donkey. This time, Akash, Benafsha and Bandgi were put up to the task. Akash took the first step to befriend the innocent animal and named him Jack. While Akash and Bandgi took it on themselves to clean the animal, Benafsha was given the task to feed it in a frame of 4 minutes and 56 seconds, as that was the frame dictated by the padosis. But, unfortunately, they didn’t manage to complete the task by then.

Coming back to Jyoti Kumari and her ill-mannered behavior, which Sapna has had enough of already. As they were in the garden area walking along with Arshi, Jyoti again said something out of line and Sapna gave her a piece of her mind. Arshi supports Sapna and told Jyoti that she doesn’t have manners to talk to people.

Cut to the bedroom, where Sapna lost her cool further and told the other housemates that she cannot talk in such a disrespectful manner to ANYONE. Simultaneously, Shilpa took to explaining Jyoti in the garden area that she needs to talk to other housemates with a lot of respect as most of them are pretty senior to her.

Well, maybe not as feisty as the previous episodes, but, there is certainly scope for a lot more, don’t you think?

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