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Bigg Boss 11 update: Revenge, reconciliation and egg-smashing!

Bigg Boss 11


Bigg Boss 11 update: Revenge, reconciliation and egg-smashing!

For a change, a Bigg Boss 11 episode did not start off on a loud note and we were quite happy about that. The episode kick-started with Bandgi Kalra and Puneesh Sharma discussing the explosive Weekend Ka Vaar episode, and there were quite a few signs of a growing “friendship” between the two.

Then, cut to normal business. The episode, as it’s almost ritualistic now, started off with an argument between, you guessed it, Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta. It all started with Vikas badmouthing Ms. Shinde on the dining table in front of other contestants. This eventually led to some egg-smashing, well, not on each other but it was an upset Vikas once again throwing his tantrums. After Vikas smashed the eggs in the kitchen, it obviously irked others. Puneesh asked Vikas to clean up the mess right away and Shilpa supported him.

Sapna was seen on team Vikas and insisted that Shilpa was, in fact, the one who provoked him.

Cut to an argument between Vikas and Hina Khan, about where the latter decided to settle things with Arshi. Vikas reminded her that during his ouster, Priyank requested them to exact revenge from all those who have wronged him. Hina was quick to clarify that it was Priyank’s fault that got him kicked out.

Then came in the nomination part, where each and every housemate was asked to clarify for themselves as to why they deserve to have a second shot in the house. Jyoti Kumari got five votes, which means that five people want her in the house. In turn, she was declared safe. Shilpa Shinde voted for Puneesh, Arshi and Akash.

Contestants like Hina Khan, Sapna Choudhary and Shivani Durgah didn’t get any vote and were hence declared unsafe.  But… the padosis will take the final decision and they were given a special advantage to nominate one more contestant. They nominated Jyoti for the eviction process.

The padosis entered the Bigg Boss house but were instructed to maintain their characters (a task given to them previously) in the house to remain safe from eliminations. The housemates welcomed the padosis into their house.

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