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Bigg Boss 11 Episode 2 update: Things get HOTTER!

Bigg Boss


Bigg Boss 11 Episode 2 update: Things get HOTTER!

In the midst of everyday activities in the Bigg Boss house, the contestants have been given their first task of the season, which is that of acting as a family and coming up with backstories of each and everyone on board.

Along with the very interesting task, Bigg Boss loves to drop surprise bombs and he hasn’t disappointed us one bit. Bigg Boss went on to announce the first nomination of the season. It got all the more interesting when they were asked to make their nominations in public and support them with valid reasons. Also, at one point, Shilpa, who has a big score to settle with Vikas, was seen making remarks on the female-esqe body language that he displayed while conversing with Zubair.

Then, surprisingly, came in the nominations, but this time, out in the open and the person who is nominating must put a stamp on the person he/she nominates. After all of it was over, Benafsha got into a heated argument with Jyoti, who was slapping people with the stamp pretty hard,  and ended it with Benafsha loudly arguing that Jyoti should be thankful of being taught the right things in the house. But, the nomination process came in with a twist, which was that the padosis will have the final say in all of it.

Post that, Akaash rounded people up on the dining table and began giving unwarranted feedback on what he thought about each of them. As per him, Priyank is cute but boring, Benafsha was deemed fake and asked Vikas as to who he thought he was, soon after which he was seen giving his piece of mind to Akaash and HOW!

After the heated session, things began to look calm after the two reasoned it out later in the day.

At the end of it all, the padosis were discussing the events of the day, and more specifically about Jyoti’s behaviour and her nature of being targeted by everyone in the house. This topic was brought up by Mehjabi. Along with Luv, she has announced herself as the biggest plotter in the padosi team.

Things are NOT looking so good right now, don’t you think?

Stick to this space for the latest in Bigg Boss and Bollywood!

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