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Bigg Boss 11: Ajaz Khan LEAKS controversial phone call with Zubair Khan

Ajaz Khan and Zubair Khan


Bigg Boss 11: Ajaz Khan LEAKS controversial phone call with Zubair Khan

Well, the drama in Bigg Boss 11 does not seem to get over. For so many years the drama used to be in the house but this year it is a bit advanced and the drama has started even outside the house all that to Zubair Khan.

Zubair Khan made a huge scene in the Bigg Boss house as he was not so pleased with his co female contestants. Salman Khan blasted at him at hell at the Weekend Ka Vaar. As a result, to this Zubair tried to kill himself in the house by consuming a lot of sleeping pills. Due to this he was rushed to the hospital and was even eliminated from the house. After coming out he filed a complaint against Salman and is making explosive statements one after the other every day.

If you all remember when Zubair was was in the house he mocked ex-contestant Ajaz Khan. It’s obvious this didn’t go so well with Ajaz and he confronted Zubair by calling him. Ajaz even leaked a part of this phone conversation on his Twitter account.

In the conversation, Zubair is seen defending his statement. He said that Ajaz was the lead hero in his first film, unlike him, who played the second lead despite being a writer’s (Salim Khan) son.

Check out the whole video here:

Well, we clearly know that Zubair is lying and we are sure Bhai se pangal ab isse bhaut baahri padega!

Lets us know in the comments below what do you think about this.

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