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Bigg Boss 11 13th October 2017 preview: Hina calls Vikas Kaamchor Captain

Bigg Boss 11 Vikas and Hina


Bigg Boss 11 13th October 2017 preview: Hina calls Vikas Kaamchor Captain

If there comes another word for Bigg Boss 11 then it will surely be DRAMA DRAMA and only DRAMA. This season has witnessed a lot of controversies all thanks to the fights between Shilpa and Vikas, Zubair Khan filing a case against Salman Khan and there is no end to it.

As we had earlier reported Vikas became the first captain of the house and that obviously didn’t go with a friend turned enemy Hina Khan. In today’s episode, we will see yet another argument between Hina and Vikas. Hina even calls Vikas a Kaamchor Captain. Since it is Friday three constant will be even sent to the Kaal Kothri (jail).

After Vikas and Hina even Arshi Khan and Shilpa Shinde will be the nest to turn friends into enemies. Arshi will try her hard to convince Vikas to send Hina in the jail. Sapna Chouhdary who is annoyed with this double side face attitude of Arshi will end up fighting with her once again.

These things clearly show that even this Weekend Ka Vaar episode might also end up with Salman Khan lashing out at the contestant.

Plus the second elimination of the season will also take place. Five contestants including Vikas, Sapna, Jyoti Kumari, Hina and Sshivani Durga have been nominated this week. Who do you think will be eliminated this week. Lets us know in the comments below.

Stay tuned for more updates on Bigg Boss 11 right here.

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