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So, how did Arjun Rampal become Arun Gawli?


So, how did Arjun Rampal become Arun Gawli?

The life of an actor is always a testing one. No matter how good you might be with the little nitti-gritties, but if the way you look does not fit the character, there are hardly any chances that you will be appreciated for your work.

Arjun Rampal, the national award-winning actor/producer understands this well. He shares the story of how he came to essay the role of one of the famous (or some will argue, infamous) MLAs we have around, Arun Gawli.

Walking down the memory lane, Arjun Rampal, who will be seen as Gawli in his upcoming biopic Daddy, stated “Getting the look right was very important for me. I wouldn’t have done Daddy as an actor if I failed the look-test. So after the writing was done, the scary part came — the look test. I told Ashim (Ahluwalia) that if my look-test is miserable, I will still produce the film, Ashim will still direct it, and we will get another actor who would look like Arun Gawli.”

The actor also had to sport a prosthetic nose to get the Gawli look on-point! But, that wasn’t all. Looking like Gawli also involved some MAJOR lifestyle changes as well. With respect to this, Arjun added  “I am playing a real life character, so the first thing for me was to look like him. I did not go to the gym for two years and stopped lifting weight to lose 20 kg, as I had muscle. For the character, I had to look thin. Such physical transformation along with the production design through which Ashim created the world of Arun Gawli…It helped me as a performer.”

Well well well, Mr. Rampal, seems like your efforts paid off. The teaser looks promising. Also, you also have the nod of Mr. Arun Gawli himself! There’s nothing more that would make us look forward to the movie!

Daddy, a film based on the life of Arun Gawli, will release on July 21st


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