Yuvraj Parashar locks lips with Sezal Sharma in Love, Life and Screw Ups - Bollyworm
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Yuvraj Parashar locks lips with Sezal Sharma in Love, Life and Screw Ups


Yuvraj Parashar locks lips with Sezal Sharma in Love, Life and Screw Ups

Things are getting twisted in Love, Life and Screw Ups

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Just a few days ago, news was that Sonali Raut and Yuvraj Parashar were spotted in the shower while shooting for the Web series Love Life and Screw Ups. Both actors were shooting an intimate scene but they didn’t realise when the director yelled cut and they went on with their act until they were alerted by the director that the shot is over.

According to the source, Parashar once got cosy with an another actress and this time around with Sezal Sharma. Yes, you heard it right! Now Yuvraj is doing an intimate scene with Sezal in the episode “The Triangle” where a new twist occurs and a complex, intense relationship forms between the former Bigg Boss contestant Sonali Raut, Yuvraj Parashar of Dunno Y Na Jaane Kyun fame and Sezal Sharma.

Interestingly, writer and director Kapil Kaustubh Sharma says “their track is based on a real-life story. My former gym trainer was going through the same crisis in his life as what my screen character Arjun is going through in the series. The trainer was from a lower-middle-class family. He lived in a joint family and was a responsible son, loving husband and a good father. But to meet the ever-increasing needs of the family, he got into a relationship with his female gym client. He started giving her private training at her home. She too had a messed-up life. Though her husband was filthy rich, he had no time for her. For a good life, she had accepted him even though he was impotent. Maybe, their personal turmoils got the trainer and the client closer, not only sexually but emotionally as well. In the series, I have incorporated their actual moments of frustrations, despair as well as happiness. Though in the series, instead of gym trainer, I have made Arjun a salsa dance teacher.“

Sonali Raut plays the other woman Kashish and Sezal Sharma plays the strong, devoted wife Sunaiyna, who loves her husband so much that she will never leave him, come what way, but will instead face and fight those crises and in no way will lose her only love.

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